Pasta and legumes

Dry pasta and legumes packaging: infinite ways to create customizable pasta packages. Our production of compostable PLA bags for food, which includes bags for dry pasta and preparations, ensures resistance and high barriers to preserve freshness and perfect conservation.

How to pack pasta and legumes?

Pasta packaging bags perfect for cereal packaging as well


Practical and highly customizable, these transparent PLA bags are ideal for pasta packaging and dry food, because of the excellent product preservation. Available also as printed PLA bags, pillow bag ensures a wide space optimization on the shelves.

One of the most popular pasta packaging, useful for legumes and cereals


Gusset bags, made with 3 or 4 side seals, are food packaging bags, useful to pack pasta, cereals, legumes or other dried products. These PLA packaging bags, available also as printed plastic bags, ensure a wide printing area, visibility and stability on shelves.

Who says pasta packaging has to be boring?


The pillow bag with gusset is among the most practical food packaging bags to pack pasta and legumes. With windowed food packaging bags you can show your brand quality, while with printed plastic bags you can obtain the maximum brand recognition on the shelves.

Coffee, tea & solubles

Films and bags with high barrier to preserve the aroma.

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Baked goods & snacks

Food packaging such as doypacks and biscuit bags.

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Candies and sweets

Doypacks, bars, pillow bags and candy bags.

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Pasta and legumes

Flexible packaging and food bags for pasta and legumes.

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Chilled food

Trays, bags and flexible packaging for meat, fish, cold meats, cheese, gastronomy and fresh pasta.

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Fresh produce

Food packaging for fruit and vegetable consumption.

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