The Planet Eathic Group

project was born with a global vision, which focuses on Asia and European markets as its starting points. The vision of the corporate structure gave birth to Planet Eathic Srl Italia, which owns 100% of Planet Eathic Hong Kong Limited.

Planet Eathic Hong Kong was founded by its current president, Antonio Fanteria. For about 15 years, Antonio Fanteria has been working with leading authorities in this field and a significant manufacturing partner, which owns a worldwide patent on an ethically compostable PLA. Planet Eathic has successfully developed a complete supply chain of compostable PLA packaging solutions, which will bring a revolutionary impact on the global packaging industry and the environment of our planet.


Planet Eathic Ltd operates in the Bio-Plastics sector

Polymers are made using renewable raw materials such as vegetable oils and starches with the main characteristic of compostability in a short cycle of time (a few weeks). Polylactic acid, called PLA, is the basis of this new market.

Planet Eathic Ltd’s role is to develop cutting edge technical solutions and a global supply chain for bio-plastic packaging products. We, through our network of commercial connections, verifiy that the characteristics of the partner companies comply with the highest quality standards and the various legislation on Bio-plastics. Our operation team maintains direct contact with our customers and suppliers to ensure that the shipping and customs clearance of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products take place just in time and in compliance with international regulations.


Planet Eathic Ltd has selected a production partner with unique characteristics

This large-scale state-owned company located in China has twenty years of experience in the production of bio-plastic materials derived from cassava, a wild tuber, and sugar cane, both of which are not edible. This peculiarity makes the finished products an “ethical” PLA (as it does not affect the human food chain), unlike all the other producers of bioplastics in the world that produce similar products from edible vegetables (corn, potato starch, sugar beet, etc.).

PLA grain and the wide range of derived disposable products such as take away containers and coffee capsules have been certified TUV OK COMPOST.

Planet Eathic can help your business

Planet Eathic Ltd., through its network, can help companies identify and secure the most reliable raw material producers of compostable polymers. Since the end of 2019, a difficulty has arisen on the international market in finding some fundamental raw materials for producing different grades of bio-plastic granules.

Planet Eathic has created a network with its worldwide partners in the sector to ensure the availability and reliable supply of these primary products.



Biodegradability is the ability of a material to be degraded into simpler substances through the enzymatic activity of microorganisms. At the end of the biodegradation process, the starting inorganic substances are transformed into simple organic molecules: water, carbon dioxide and methane, without the release of polluting substances. This characteristic does not depend on the raw material but on the chemical nature of the raw material, which is why you can have a non-biodegradable product from renewable materials and a biodegradable product from petroleum.



Compostability – which concerns the end of life of a product – is the ability of an organic material to be recycled organically together with humid transforming itself into compost by means of composting, a process of biological decomposition of the organic substance that takes place under controlled conditions. At the end of the composting process, a biologically stable, inert and odorless product is obtained in which the organic component has a high degree of maturation. Rich in humus, active microbial flora and trace elements, compost is the ideal solution against soil desertification and carbon depletion as well as a product for agronomic use (fertilizer for nursery gardening, field crops).



It concerns the origin of a product and in particular the characteristic of those raw materials – mainly of plant and animal origin – to regenerate in a short time (plants, trees, their derivatives and waste), in opposition to fossil-based raw materials (petroleum).

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Corporate management

Antonio Fanteria

CEO – Planet Eathic Srl Italia and Planet Eathic LTD Hong Kong

Antonio Fanteria is an Italian entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience on Asian markets; he has developed food and non-food product expertise through direct experience in the field.

Antonio has built a network of professional and productive knowledge of primary importance throughout Southeast Asia by establishing commercial partnerships with leading European retail sales organizations. His knowledge of the production sector of compostable raw materials has allowed him to become partner of various world PLA production companies, always finding tailor-made solutions for each customer.

As a profound expert of the Asian markets and of the raw materials of the PLA sector, he has developed a series of international patents in the world of food and non-food packaging that can be defined as starting points for the development of markets with high business potential.
His goal is to bring Planet Eathic Group to be one of the leading companies in the world in the diffusion of PLA materials as an eco-sustainable and ethical alternative in the food and non-food sector of plastics of fossil origin.